The Whitechapel Centre re-brand is one of the projects we have been anticipating for a long time, we are glad to finally announce that we have completed the project and The Whitechapel Centre have officially rolled out the new brand for all to see on their recent advertising campaigns and website.

We were set the very challenging brief of taking the old brand, which was recognized by many for the great work they do for homeless around the Liverpool area, and modernizing this whilst keeping some of the core values mostly recognized (the door symbol and the bright yellow colour). The door symbol was at the forefront of the new design but we wanted to emphasize the door being open rather than the object itself, so we used to popular bright yellow colour to portray the welcoming environment by the charity and I am happy to say that we are extremely pleased with the final result.

You can see a little more about The Whitechapel Centre and the work we do together here.